Team # 4 - Balancing Economic Development &
Environmental Stewardship
Working together to make Carroll County a place
where all generations can live, work & thrive
Town Survey Results
Below is the "raw data" from
the surveys conducted with
the towns in the fall of 2010
in order to inform the
priorities of this team.  
Thank you to all of the town
personnel and team
volunteers who took the
time to help us gather this
information!  We hope you
find it helpful!
Broadband Survey
Excel  PDF
Broadband Report
Report - Jan 2011
Business Incentives
Excel  PDF
Waste and Recycling
Excel   PDF
Excel   PDF
Master Plans & Natural
Excel   PDF
Helpful Information:
CCU Surveys Carroll County Towns for
Energy Projects:  
Dynamic ideas are
happening throughout the county!
Read the report
“Town Energy Success Stories in
Carroll County"and find out how your town is
saving money on energy and
borrow some great
ideas from your neighbors.  The biggest lessons
learned is that bench-marking energy use is
probably the single most important step towns
can take to save money.  And, if towns can “be
prepared” with an energy plan they are in a much
stronger position to
take advantage of state or
federal funding opportunities.
School, town, business, church & citizen
representatives learn about Wood Pellet Heating
Options for Large Facilitie
On March 22nd folks gathered to
tour the wood-pellet boiler
system at the new Mt. View
Community Nursing Home in
Ossipee, see first-hand how a
large-scale pellet system works and hear about
successful projects in Carroll & Coos counties.  
Links to presentations, handouts & resources:
Photos of event here.
NEW! Biomass Tour Highlights now on YouTube!
Watch the 10 minute video here.
Watch biomass tour on Wolfeboro Community
TV - streaming from their site:
Tour of Mt. View Nursing Home pellet boiler
Informational Presentations
Carroll County Advantage information
now live on County website!
 See it here.  
Thank you to Ray O'Brien & Norren Downs and the
team for your efforts on this.
30  learn about alternative heating
30 community leaders and residents learned first
hand how the Winnisquam HS wood chip heating
plant and the Tuftonboro Town Hall pellet system
work and how wood heat could help their towns,
schools or organizations reduce heating costs.  
Thank you to Jack Parsons and Ian Raymond for
hosting and providing a wealth of information
about installing, operating and funding these
types of systems.  Thank you to
Smokehouse for providing a van, Thayer
Corporation for their financial contribution and
Sarah Smith from UNH Cooperative Extension for
being on hand to provide additional information
and resources.

Considerations for wood biomass in Carroll
- what we've learned.
See how it works:
  • Life of a biomass boiler on you tube.  Watch
    how it works here!
  • Biomass Supply Chain (Vermont video).  Find
    out how it works here.

NH/New England Examples:
Field Guide to NH Municipal Buildings and Energy
Audit Guidelines
by Municipal Energy Working
Group, (
PDF) 2011
CCU I want Broadband video featuring Mark
McConkey describing the state of broadband in
Carroll County and initial steps you can take to

Team 4's Broadband Press Release.

Help map broadband in Carroll  County by testing
the speed of your home or business internet
connection at this

NH awarded 44.5 million to expand broadband  
Project site here.

Local Broadband efforts:
Research notes & other information
Jobs Portfolio in Carroll County - research notes
for 4/8/2010 meeting

Livable Wages in Carroll County

Buying local - research notes for 4/8/2010 meeting

Research notes for Feb 11, 2010 meeting.

PSNH's president on finding renewable energy
sources while minding the environment and the
economy. (Foster's 2/18/2010)

UNH Carsey Institute
NH Livable Wage Report,

Carroll County
Carroll County towns & population (2009)

Team Goal:

Community members steward both
a vibrant economy and
our human and natural resources
so that all generations thrive.

Team Co-Chairs: Noreen Downs & Raymond
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Next  Meetings

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Tri-County CAP Resource Ctr.,
Rte. 16, Tamworth
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December 14, 2010
DRAFT Broadband Report for towns

November 16, 2010
Town Survey - Results as of 11/16/10

10/12/10 - Broadband Informational meeting
with Carol Miller, DRED - includes practical
suggestions for expanding broadband

September 14, 2010
August 10, 2010
town questionnaire- final
July 15, 2010

June Forum Notes - 6/17/2010
A3 Action Plan - 6/17/2010

Cross Team Notes - 5/27/2010

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